Games of Thrones Mania hits Australia

Game of Thrones Season 8 released its 1st episode in Sunday April 14, 2019. Everyone is excited about fantasy series so much so that it is mentioned in Australian Government Federation breakfast meeting speeches in early Monday morning. How such a fantasy drama could capture the minds of so many people- commoners to politicians alike is an incredible thing. I guess the TV series has valuable lessons in life about society, politics and relationships. No person is safe and everyone is trying to fight for their position and the things or persons they care the most. The fight and competition to rule the land is so fierce that there were lot of plotting and treacherous murders involved even among immediate family members. Foxtel has decided to promote the drama by having a theme park at Centennial Park which has replica of the graves of the characters who died in the episodes. I however wish people in Australia gets direct episodes from HBO who broadcasts the series in US instead of going through Foxtel Australia which does a delayed boadcast. Rather than government trying to protect the private local media it is better to open up to US entertainment programs openly so that consumers can benefit. Everyone likes to experience things fresh!

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