Breathe easy

Remember when you a kid and there used to be a guy on the street corner proclaiming that the end of the world was nigh? Crazy man! Maybe with a sandwich board over his head outlining the reasons, perhaps quoting a Bible verse or two…Now that man or indeed woman is a climate scientist and the reasons are outlined in thousands of peer-reviewed articles. OK, maybe not the end of the world as such but the end of lots of good stuff, from an adequate supply of food right up to human civilisation itself. Crazy people! or so say Scott Morrison, Barnaby Joyce, Pauline Hanson, Alan Jones and the entire staff of The Australian and the Daily Telegraph. What a relief! Because those people are experts on pretty much everything, that’s how they got their high-paying jobs, not like a bunch of layabout academics blabbing their mouths off at Universities…Breathe easy peoples, the end of the world is indeed a ratbag’s fantasy…

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