Is there a meaning behind the name ‘Uluru’?

Have you ever wondered whether there is meaning behind the name ‘Uluru’? I got curious with this name, and I went to do a bit of research to find out more about the name of Uluru. It turned out the name ‘Uluru’ was a name given to the rock and landscape of the big rock by Anangu people. Though it does not carry any specific meaning, the Aboriginal has been calling it as ‘Uluru’ for as long as their first settlement in Australia. Guess how long that is? Then why Uluru is also called as ‘Ayers Rock’? Well, in 1872 British Surveyor William Gosse discovered it and named it after the former chief secretary of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers. On 15 Dec 1993 Uluru was given dual name as Ayers Rock/Uluru to recognise the importance of the rock to Aboriginal culture, and on 6 Nov 2002 it was reversed to Uluru/Ayers Rock following the request from the Regional Tourism Association in Alice Springs.

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