Australia Medical Transfer Bill

There had been heaps of political debate surrounding the ways refugees are been welcomed, treated and nurtured for a better life in Australia over the years. Latest controversy to hit the politics is surrounding the medical transfer bill. Labor, Liberals, Greens and Independent parties all accord to the fact that Australia needs better treatment of human lives but not at the cost of loosened up border protection. Though some of the refugees do need genuine help but many who arrive in Australia have committed serious crime overseas. There are serious questions that need to be asked – what is the definition of a “Serious Crime” ? Are the persons repeated offenders? What are moral values associated with them? What is the process of knowing they have committed a crime in the first place? A bill has been proposed that the decision need to be made within 3 days whether a “sick” refugee is a criminal! I personally feel that a sick person need to be treated medically independent of whether he is criminal and then possibly deport them if found guilty.

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