How Can You Love Your Neighbor

The pressure to look after number one is turning the focus away from looking after others; a fundamental necessity in order to live with neighbours in harmony. Interaction amongst us is deeply threatened by the dominance of electronic gadgets such as iPad, iPhone laptop and others.
Neighbours are those that live around us; families and everyone whom we come in contact with.
Family members are drifting apart not geographically but in mind and emotions evidence on dinner tables with hardly any communication other than their own iPhones and iPads. People are slowly drifting apart forming two distinct groups; those who obsessively embraced technology and those who had lives according to William Langley. ( “As we become more plugged in to technology, the clamour for new gizmos such as the new iPad 2 is increasingly unedifying, says William Langley”
That raises the question; how can you love your neighbour when there is less and less communication with each other?
A major part of loving others is about knowing the degree of their needs, in order to correctly appropriate relevant remedial measures.
By knowing the measure of the neighbour’s needs one can deduce appropriation by imagining themselves in the neighbour’s situation.
A scripture says that we should love others as we love ourselves. Let us begin talking to each other.

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