Birds of Strathfield and Homebush

Probably the first thing you notice if you’re on Strathfield Plaza in the early evening is the chorus of birds. Seems delightful at first but it’s easy to see how it could lose its charm after a while. Some people around there can’t stand it. This sound is made by the mynah birds, regarded by many as a nuisance because they drive out native species. In Homebush and Homebush West there are crows, and many of them, many more than ibises which dominate the City. They raid the garbage bins and make a fair bit of noise. Still you see and hear a lot of native birds. There are a number of kookaburras that live in and around Airlie Park. There are birds that love the evening air that sing this kind of melancholy song almost a bit like a cat’s miaow, but I don’t know what they are.
Bird life seems to be flourishing, even though I’m sure there are a lot of turf wars.

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