Italy is a fascinating country with different landscapes to different ways of cooking and wines. the northern part of Italy is more heavier foods (buttery and oily) in the winter period which is from September to end of February, even the architectures are different from the Romans all the way to the Arabs. The Southern part is more lighter and filled with spices and then you have the Middle part of Italy which is a combination of the north and south cuisine and architecture. Also you have a lot of vineyards from the North to the south, north wines are a t heavier and the south is more lighter with a pinch of spice in it, and the middle part is a mix of both plus they have a Sweet wine called: Vin Santo that you’ll have with the almond biscuit called: Cantucci that you dip into the Vin Santo. Italy has wonderful old building architectures and features and museums, caverns to explore and great tours to varies cities and towns and to learn about the history of the places, wine tours and a lot more.

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