Trump is either very smart, very stupid or just a plain lying opportunist
who is a narcissist. The pub test for me is whether you would want your child to see him as a role model and leader. I think the answer is obvious.
Here is a man in public office who refuses to provide his tax returns, employs his own children in senior official roles and is a proven liar om numerous issues. He is the master of fake news yet we tolerate this behaviour and wonder why democracy is at risk. Again, I would think the answer to that is obvious. He has not fought in a war for his country and in fact is understood to have made determined efforts to avoid such participation.This coming from the leader of the free world and espousing his America first policy. He is plain ignorant and selfish.
Why is it Americans accept and tolerate this behaviour when they teach their children to be model citizens ? I will leave you to ponder that.
Why is America first when all that is good that came out of America was to play a major part in world peace and order over 70 years. Now that has been turned on its head and the International community no longer respects or trusts American leadership. I extend that to include Vice President Pence and Pompeo both of whom exhibit buffoonish traits.
I have great faith in the commonsense of Americans and that the American system will rise above these opportunists in time. God help us if they don’t.

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