Airports have much in common.They are usually large sprawling businesses that are designed to move people quickly in and out of terminals. They are very impersonal and functional, and they vary greatly in their success with the mission of moving people onto and out of flights. Recently there has been a trend to make them giant shopping malls with all the familiar designer brands, and extensive food courts. No online shopping here but good old fashioned retail at exorbitant prices, particularly in Australia.So much for competition where severe outrageous rentals are the norm in the pursuit of profit. Service now comes at a price subsidised by the taxpayer.
Airport parking is another rip off. Less than 2 hours at Sydney Airport will set you back $27. Wow, thanks for letting me use your airport which is a monopoly.
Where are the regulators on this one??
The private sector nonetheless does a much better job of running such businesses
but I think the regulatory oversight has been sadly missing in action. No surprise here. Private operators are adept at exploiting every loophole to generate money, after all that is their goal in life.
I spend a lot of time in and out of airports, and Australia on the whole does a good job running these operations. We now have very stratified classes of flyers i.e. those going “cattle” class;those seking a bigger seat called Premium economy and those in businss and first class who are treated much better than the cattle class lyer with private lounges, chauffeur driven cars etc. etc.
In an egalitarian society like Australia we love the one upmanship this entails. Or are we that egalitarian ??
Enjoy your nextflight fro one of our airports

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