2019 Tech Hardware (PC, Phones, Consoles)

2019 should be a good year for PC hardware with AMD releasing their ZEN 2 CPU the first consumer CPU on 7NM. Although AMD has been silent lately their roadmap does put “Navi” their 7NM GPU to also be released in 2019. As for the competitors Intel looks like it doesn’t have any surprises in the CPU market and as for the entry into the GPU market it looks like 2020 would be the more likely suspect. Lastly DDR5 Ram is expected to enter into production with a possible release date of late 2019 although 2020 does seem more realistic.
Moving into Phones which has been more or less a stale market with only spec improvements each generation and little innovation, hopefully Samsung’s reveal of their foldable phone will change things up.
As for consoles it looks like the PS4 and the Xbox One will have another year with speculation pointing to 2020 for the next generation (PS5 & Xbox untitled console). Nintendo is remodelling their Nintendo Switch weather this is a small change up like Nintendo does with its mobile consoles or a performance bump like the PS4 Pro remains to be seen.

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