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Choosing a computer case

April 18, 2018 admin 32

When choosing a computer case your first option is with or without a power supply. The problem is generally the power supplys are low quality […]

New Intel CPUs

April 11, 2018 admin 33

Intel are releasing more coffee lake CPUs. Theres the i5 8600 (non K), the i5 8500, the i3 8300. They also released a line of […]

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Looking for a job

April 10, 2018 admin 0

I have applied for four jobs yesterday and I will be looking for more today. I spend so many hours per week, looking for work. […]

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The weekend

April 9, 2018 admin 0

Saturday was fun, I picked up my mum and daughter and drove them to Rockdale Mac Donalds to meet our great nana joy and aunty […]

New Intel motherboards

April 5, 2018 admin 32

After about a 6 month wait Intel have finally released their H310, B360 and H370 motherboards. I’ve seen H310 as cheap as $100 and B360 […]