Hi Oz Hashtag Community,

As yet, it doesn’t look like there has been much interest in pitching story ideas, themes or characters for the #StoryCollab and the 2 week deadline has passed. In which case, I might just start us off with a short quick paragraph and people can feel free to grow the story however they wish. Just use the hashtag, #storycollab to contribute content. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Without further ado:


Loss perpetuates further loss. People pitch their ladders up for you to climb but they don’t realise there’s no ground to stand on when you’re falling. If you tried to reach out your hand to try to grab something, all you’d grasp is nothing. More nothing.

Xander was just a boy when he realised this, but he knew it well. His heart yearned for something tangible to tether him, not only to the here and now, but to the distant past also. He heard voices that whispered faint echoes of a time mostly forgotten. But there was more. If he searched the blackness of his mind long enough, sometimes he could make out a silvery haze of shadows and hear voices that beckoned him to come to them. Somehow, he knew they belonged to familiar strangers. Familiar strangers? Sometimes he could hear the voices all at once, all coexisting and he felt almost whole…

But the Gaunt was creeping. Slowly and unnoticed at first.


This took me about twenty minutes to write and I wanted to follow up on Greg’s contributions about Climate Change and its threat to the environment as a theme.

Happy Writing!

Surry Hills




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