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Hi OzHashtag Community,

It’s really great to see how much OzHashtag has grown in less than six months! I enjoy seeing all the think pieces, general tips on recipes and life hacks, and even short stories being submitted. Thank you all for the valuable contributions! I hope this site continues to grow with even more talented writers making submissions. With that last thought in mind, I had a proposal for the OzHashtag community… How about we all pitch in to create a story that we can publish online? We could create the next Harry Potter, Hunger Games or James Bond right here… although perhaps Fifty Shades of Grey would be more fitting since that started out as an e-book.


First of all, we’ll need to pick a genre and some themes to explore. When we’ve got that nutted out, we can start creating some characters and building relationships and creating settings for them to interact with. I’ll give this task 2 weeks before some content starts getting created. If you want to contribute use the hashtag, #StoryCollab to input your ideas or how you think the story should grow.


Here are some ideas to workshop:


Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Crime Noir


Loss, Betrayal, Love, Loneliness


Best Regards,

Surry Hills


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