How To Customise Firefox

February 27, 2018 Aaron 32

lets start with the basics, before you do anything with a computer make sure you have a active anti virus scanner installed. i recommend avg […]

No Picture

All Things Must Pass

February 22, 2018 Greg 32

The plight of those people who live from the working of the land is becoming sadder due in part to climate change. This meaning that […]

Reduce Air Pollution

February 21, 2018 Saarah 1

Today I am going to express my views and ideas how to eliminate our environment to get polluted. We should always remember to turn off […]

Day Outing With My Families

February 12, 2018 Saarah 0

It was an amazing day out with families in Central Coast at The Entrance..Nice drive and beautiful sight seeings. Beautiful beach..Great nature. Have a great […]


February 7, 2018 Jason walker 0

For years intel have had a monoploy in the world of desktop and laptop computers. AMDs last generation of processors failed to match intel in […]

Whale, not me

February 6, 2018 Alex T 32

unny thinking day a childish responseIt was seldom that people commented on my size but one day it happened I was called a beached whale. […]