My Painting

January 30, 2018 admin 0

Recently purchased at Vinnies, I’ll hang it in the hallway of my home.

No Picture

veronica mars

January 29, 2018 admin 0

so there use to be a show back in 2005 call veronica mars. so the other day i was going through the shows on stan […]

My Garden

January 24, 2018 admin 0

Hi All Hope you are all well and had a very good holiday season. Wishing 2018 brings everyone with good health and prosperity. We have […]

The Problem

January 23, 2018 admin 0

The Problem on the table. Why the problem existed? It was defined as a problem by a higher order being who had chosen to label […]

on embarrasment

January 23, 2018 admin 32

When we could become .We would be thrown into a new world of fashions that make us be something less than the ordinary that we […]

Teriyaki salmon

January 11, 2018 admin 1

salmon 600g mirin 1bsp sake 1bsp soy sauce 1bap potato powder a little sugar 1/2 bsp salt a little First put salt marinate for 5 […]