March 13, 2018 Surry Hills 0

Hi Oz Hashtag Community, As yet, it doesn’t look like there has been much interest in pitching story ideas, themes or characters for the #StoryCollab […]

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the ancient of japan

November 19, 2018 siham elhadba 0

kyoto was previosly called kyo.i the 11th century the city was renamed kyoto from the chinese callingraphic .aftervthe cityof edo was renamed tokyo meaning (eastern […]

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Darling Quarter

November 19, 2018 Nitivadee chimsuk 0

Darling Quarter is a part of darling Harbour experience the best of sydney at darling quarter a contempory culture precinct offering a diverse range of […]

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Customs Offices

November 19, 2018 George Chrisafis 0

Recently on a customs television episode a couple returning from a holiday from spain had their bags searched and customs officers found over 40 cartons […]

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November 16, 2018 Mel Woods 0

I reflected this week on the lack of quality/relevance in our television news content.It seems to me all the news has been dumbed down to […]

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November 15, 2018 Michael Maugeri 0

dogs are pets and love there famaly when young called puppes. When they are puppyes they are easy to tech and a lot of fun […]

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Syrain cuisine

November 15, 2018 samira mahmood 0

,Syrain cuisine mainly uses eggplant, Zucchini,garlic,Meat (mostly from lamp and sheep) ,sesame seeds,rice,chickpeas,lentils,cabbge,cornflower,cucumbers tomatos oliveoil,lemonjuice,mint,honey and fruits.

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gun control

November 14, 2018 andrew murray 0

guns kill a lot of things but many things die from it and thay need to put bigger laws on and take control and putting […]

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Palestinian food

November 14, 2018 samira mahmood 0

cooking styles vary by region and each type of cooking style and the ingredients used are generally based on the climate and location of the […]