Food Hampers

Brrr… Now that winter has approached with the cold mornings and the evening dash back to a warm cosy home, there are people who are facing it tough this season. Reorganising your closet and filling your pantry up with winter goods, you might come across clothing and food that may be worth more to others. In partnership with the Seventh Day Adventist Church, we are scouring through our household pantries, closets, and shopping aisles to find food, clothes, and blankets for the winter hamper.

food hamper

Centrally located in Surry Hills and Redfern, we are calling for donations for food hampers. These would preferably be in the form of dry goods that last a bit longer, like tin cans of food, and clothes that are in good condition. We plan to distribute hampers through the Seventh Day Adventist Church Community Centre (located at 357 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills) when food hampers become available. If you would like to help turn someone’s cold night out into a winter feast, please contact us by emailing us using the form below:

Your contributions are invaluable and deeply appreciated.